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Marlowe Kana, The new Cyberpunk novel by Joe Peacock, is posted in serialized format every Monday.

It's 51 years after the Second American Civil War. The 40 million citizens of the United American State are aghast to find that their biggest celebrity, Major Marlowe Kana of the Imagen Military and Security Division (MilSec), has just been found guilty of treason. Every Feed on the Net has been covering the events of her trial, and two questions remain to be answered: What will happen to MK, and what will the nation watch now that the Next Top Soldier Hall-of-Famer (and star of the most-watched Feed in history) is locked away? The answer comes almost immediately and shakes the country to its core.

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Praise for Marlowe Kana Book 1:

"Dude! I blew through Volume 1 on the plane to Omaha! So good! I'm so hooked!"
-- Matt Chapman, Co-Creator, Homestar Runner

"Joe Peacock has written a near future in which the news cycle is measured in minutes, everyone's a broadcaster, and you can neither turn it off nor hide from it, thanks to ubiquitous drones and face recognition. It's a tough world in which to be a fugitive - even if you ARE a supersoldier who can break down steel doors with her shoulder. The constant connectedness colors the lives and mindsets of all the characters, making them inevitable products of their environments in the tradition of the most thoughtful science fiction."
--Janelle Shane,

"MARLOWE KANA is one of the best cyberpunk series out there, right now. Like really."
-- Stuart Templeton, OpenForumGames

"If William Gibson had any literary heirs -- the family tree would include Warren Ellis, Jonathan Hickman, and now... Joe Peacock, a powerful youngster in a genre that could use a jolt to the system. Peacock writes with expediency and para-military precision. His characters don't just leap off of the page -- they strap on jetpacks -- and blast out of it. If you are into Black Mirror, Bruce Sterling, or the cyberpunk genre, this IS the book you need to have in your life."
-- David Gallaher, Vampire: The Masquerade, Green Lantern, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man

"If Ghost in the Shell and Neal Stephenson's novels are things that catch your interest, you owe it to yourself to check out cyberpunk expert Joe Peacock's first scifi novel."
-- Olliver Kirby, Funimation

"It’s fun and as much as I hate cliches, it’s an 'action-filled romp'. There’s explosions, gun fights and bionic arms punching through doors. If that’s the kind of thing you want to get lost in for a few hours then this is the one for you."
Pete Richmond, Zealot Script

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