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I like writing. I try to make everything I ever write available for free in some manner, because more than anything I want people to read what I write. However, I REFUSE to run ads. So, instead, I've come up with a number of ways you can help me!


I have made writing my full-time job, which allows me to concentrate fully on writing the Marlowe Kana series (and future series as well). Part of that strategy is monthly supporters on Patreon! You can contribute as little as $1 a month, or get free copies of the paperback and Patreon-exclusive hardcovers at higher levels! Or, go for the big leagues and become a character in the books! Check it out for full details!

Promoting The Books:

One of the best way you can help is to encourage people who prefer to buy books to buy mine!

Step 1: Read the book!You're probably already doing that!

Reading the book is the best thing you can ever do to help me. I want you to enjoy it, and I hope you'll let me know what you think by...

Review The Book!

Especially if you like it -- let the internet know! Obviously Amazon is the biggest place for reviews, but I'll take one anywhere! And if you have things to say about each volume individually, feel free to leave reviews on Volume 1, Volume 2, & Volume 3!

Buy The Book!

Volume 1 is free! Volume 2, & Volume 3 are $1.99, but of course are also free on this site. If you want them in your collection, buy them and enjoy (and review!)

Tell your friends!

Spreading the word is the best way to help me out! Introduce your friends to the world of Marlowe Kana by sending them a link to this site, or to the eBooks!

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